Excessive underarm sweating, otherwise known as localised idiopathic axillary hyperhidrosis, is very common and very treatable.

Those who are unable to control their underarm sweating with deodorants, antiperspirants or clinical antiperspirants and feel embarrassment from underarm sweat patches on their clothing, very likely suffer from  excessive underarm sweating.

There are several treatment options available including sweat stopping botulinum injections, iontophoresis, oral anticholinergic medications, microwave thermolysis and sometimes surgery (endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy).  Sweat stopping injections are simple and very successful for the majority of patients with excessive underarm sweating.

Sweat stopping injections  can lead to a greater than 90% reduction in sweating lasting 3-4 months in the vast majority of cases.  The results are often life-changing and most require 2-3 treatments per year to be significantly sweat free all year round.  This treatment is subsidised by Medicare when treatment is performed at Perth Dermatology Clinic, which allows for highly affordable treatment.  Dr Tony Caccetta is highly experienced in administering sweat stopping injections for axillary hyperhidrosis, having performed over 1000 treatments.