Phototherapy (light therapy or UV therapy) is a very effective and safe treatment for inflammatory skin disorders.

It is used for the treatment of psoriasis, eczema and vitiligo most commonly; but does have several other indications.

It is usually recommended when topical therapies (creams, ointments, gels) are not leading to significant improvement or for widespread cutaneous disease where topical therapies can be difficult to apply regularly.  Your dermatologist will advise if this treatment is appropriate for you.

Phototherapy often leads to significant improvement within several weeks and can lead to lasting remissions from disease.  Usually a treatment course is 3x/week for 6-12 weeks with each treatment lasting seconds-minutes only.

At Perth Dermatology Clinic we offer phototherapy for the whole body and/or hands and feet.

The full cost of phototherapy is covered by Medicare (bulk billed).

Our phototherapy machines are imported from Germany and of the latest technology.  Our machines utilise narrowband ultraviolet light (nbUVB) only, which has proven efficacy and the highest safety profile.