Melanoma is a very common skin cancer in Australia.

Up to 1 in 13 Australians will be diagnosed with melanoma in their lifetime.

Fortunately a majority of melanomas are detected early – in situ melanoma – and carry a good prognosis.

Early detection remains the most important factor in melanoma survival.

Dermatologists are experts in clinical skin examination and dermoscopy for the early detection of melanoma.

The detection of an in situ melanoma requires wide local excision and ongoing skin examination/surveillance as directed by your doctor.

The detection of an invasive melanoma requires wide local excision with consideration for further investigation with sentinel lymph node biopsy and imaging.  Treatment of invasive melanoma may or may not include further surgery, immunotherapy and targeted therapy – depending on your particular situation and the availability of clinical trials.  Ongoing skin examination/surveillance is also required as directed by your doctor.